What is Lincoln West End Lights? It's one night in the year when we turn the front windows of our houses into film screens and light up the streets with short films, shadows and light to surprise, delight and enchant local residents and passersby.

When will it take place? We will glow again on the evening of 8th December 2017.

Where? We post a map of where we will glow on this website nearer the time.

Can I take part if I don’t live in Lincoln’s West End? Yes. It started in Lincoln's West End but if you live elsewhere in the city, or the world, and want to be part of the show by holding your own Light event then we'd be honoured and delighted to have you join us.

How can I get involved? The films on the website will show you the kinds of things people have done before so that might give you an idea or two. Each year someone comes up with a new way of taking part and we expect the same to happen again this December. Some of the ways you might want to consider are:

* Decorate the front of your house with lanterns
* Make a film and project it on to a screen in your front window
* Host someone else’s bright idea
* Create your own shadow play to amaze and amuse

Help - I’ve made a film or have a great idea but I don’t live in the West End?  Not a problem. Each year we have a number of generous residents who are willing to offer their front window or garden to people with ideas but nowhere to show them. Just email us and we’ll try and match your idea to a home eager to be illuminated.

I live in the West End and want to take part but I don't think I can make a film. Can I still take part? Yes films are only one of many ways that people are getting involved as the list above shows so don’t worry you don’t have to be a film maker or even have a camera. What you do need is a willingness to join in the fun. It’s as simple as that.

Who is organising it? We are a group of people who live in the West End of Lincoln and all of us are volunteers.

What no organising committee? Who makes it happen then? We all do. We keep each other up to date on our plans and the arrangements for the night through twitter, Facebook, this website and regular email updates. There is no selection group. All that we ask is that what people create has to be suitable for residents of all ages and that it surprises, amuses and will make people smile on a cold winter’s night.
Why do you do it?  It started almost by accident. An outdoor film projection for Halloween led to a group of us thinking what would it be like if a number of us lit up our houses with moving images for one evening in the middle of winter?

The only way of knowing was to try it out so one crisp December’s night we did just that. People braved that year’s snow and ice to see what we’d created. The response was amazing and each year more people join in both by illuminating their homes and by dressing up against the winter chill and walking through the West End to marvel at the warm glow.
All of us share a wish to surprise people with beautiful moving images in unexpected places and, at the same time, show a warm and magical sense of community.  In our case that community includes local shops, pubs, schools, long standing residents as well as students making the West End their home while they study at Lincoln University.


If I want to make a film do you have any tips? We found the ones that work best are short and shown on a continuous loop. Remember it will be cold and people will stop for a minute before moving on to the next one. This is not the way to watch a full length Bollywood blockbuster - for that you need to be inside in the warmth not outside in your overcoat.

As already mentioned the West End is a residential area so your film or other type of illumination will need to work for people of all ages - the young, old and those between the two.

Remember the idea behind Lincoln West End Lights is to delight, surprise and make people smile.

Also remember if you use someone else’s creation you must have their permission first.

Is it very technical? It doesn't have to be. Lanterns or shadow plays aren’t complicated to create. If you do decide to project a film or pictures then you will need to get hold of a projector which can run off your phone or computer for example. If you want to turn your front window into a film screen and project on to that we’ve found that baking paper is great and even an inexpensive shower curtain. The things you learn from those who’ve done it before!

Social media and web address? www.lincoln-west-end-lights.com
Facebook - Lincoln West End Lights
Twitter - LincolnWestEndLights @WestEndLights
Instagram - Lincolnwestendlights

It sounds great and I want to take part too. What do I do? Email us using the ‘Join in’ page or just click here.